Ancient Earth Apothecary



“The earth has its music for those who will listen.”
– Reginal Vincent Holmes

Below are some of the Earth Mother teachers who have shared their wisdom and teachings of the earth. If only people would open their hearts and ears more to mother earth she would share the wisdom that would help us to restore our own souls and what she needs from us to take care of her and all her children be it 2 legged, rock people, animal people, plant people…… all beings that live on earth.

Marza and Auria live life connected to serving the earth mother every day in ways which help to bring healing and restoration of all earth beings and our earth mother. They work in a reciprocal relationship with earth and all its beings. There is a deep understanding that we are children of the greatest mother – Mother Earth. We as her children must take care of her and all of our family, humans and all earth beings that live together on this sacred home.

Here are some pictures of this sacred land that is very dear to Marza’s tribe and to Marza’s heart….

Below – Hopi Land, Level 2 Students visit during their apprenticeship

IMG-1: Harvesting in the Sonoran Desert  / IMG-2: All the water used to make medicines come from Mt Shasta

Harvesting in the Sonoran Desert

All the water used to make medicines come from Mt Shasta